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TV archive project to supply Europeana

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20 January 2010

EUscreen is a new project that will supply TV archive footage to Europeana. Its project website, goes live today. The website contains a blog, information about the project and the partners, publications and events. Visitors can also subscribe to the EUscreen mailing list or follow the project on Twitter or Facebook.

EUscreen is a three-year project funded by the eContentplus programme of the European Commission. During that time over 30,000 items that capture Europe’s television heritage (videos, photographs, articles) will be channelled into Europeana. EUscreen will also develop its own multilingual portal that will specialise in information about TV archives and television research.

The portal will be launched in 2011 and will be directly connected to Europeana. The EUscreen consortium is coordinated by the University of Utrecht and consists of 27 partners (audiovisual archives, research institutions, technology providers and Europeana) from 19 European countries.

About Europeana

• is Europe’s digital library, museum and archive. Launched in prototype in November 2008, it now brings together 5 million digitised items from Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage organisations.
• Europeana’s fully operational service will launch later in 2010, giving access to 10 million items. This new content is coming in from a group of projects that are working with heritage organisations across Europe. EUscreen works with television archives, Archives Portal Europe brings in collections from national archives, the European Film Gateway brings to Europeana films, scripts and stills from cinematheques and film archives.
• The full list of projects is at