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Thierry Henry aged 12 at l'atelier des Archives

2 October 2007

Télessonne A new rep deal for l’atelier des Archives (Or Thierry Henry aged 12 at l’atelier des Archives)

L’atelier des Archives has signed an agreement for the representation of Télessonne archives.

Telessonne is the local television of l’Essonne one of the eight departement of the Paris region Ile de France.
Created in 1989 Telessonne have kept more than 23 000 stories. The reports covers all topics (cultural, social including the 2005 riots and sports). For instance Telessonne have footage of Thierry Henry at the age of 12 when he was in a local football club.

Created in 2004 by Thierry Rolland l’atelier des Archives has allready signed more than 20 rep deals (AFP TV, Paris Première) and is representing British Movietone an Moving Image in France.