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National Geographic Digital Motion Adds More Than 170 Hours of HD Content to its Video Footage Library

19 September 2007

National Geographic Digital Motion, the digital film archive containing moving images from more than 40 years of National Geographic Television and documentary film production, announced today new partnerships and acquisitions that will expand its HD offerings by more than 170 hours. Digital Motion is acquiring partial collections from Pawel Achtel and Bernd Pröschold and has secured licensing agreements with BlackLight Films, GOE, Glusic and J Michael Media. The deals bring to the library a vast range of HD footage, from spectacular time-lapse sequences of the Milky Way to the vibrant undersea world.
“We’re making significant investments to enhance the quality of our archive and are always seeking new content in all categories to represent in high definition,” said Jocelyn Shearer, vice president of video licensing and archive management, National Geographic Digital Motion. “Along with our award-winning content, these incredibly rich collections add to the breadth of our library and help us achieve our goal of providing comprehensive content delivery via our online digital archive and creating a total footage solution for our clients.”

Details of the new acquisitions and partnerships are as follows:

Bernd Pröschold — Digital Motion represents, worldwide, the Bernd Pröschold collection that includes native HD content of starry sky footage along with aurora borealis (northern lights) footage. Digital Motion also purchased all rights to unique time-lapse sequences of the Milky Way, aurora borealis and celestial bodies. Since 2002, Bernd Pröschold has been filming the starry sky in the remotest places of Europe.

Pawel Achtel — Digital Motion represents the Pawel Achtel collection worldwide, including more than 70 hours of underwater footage. Additionally, Digital Motion has purchased a spectacular assortment of footage, including the Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica, Raja Ampat Islands, Lizard Island and Baird Bay collections, which will significantly enhance Digital Motion’s HD underwater and aerial offerings.

BlackLight Films — Digital Motion represents material from the BlackLight Films collection within the United States. The collection includes 12 hours of HD imagery of more than 10,000 scenes from around the world.

GOE “Giorgio Oldani Editore” — Digital Motion represents, worldwide, the GOE collection that includes 12 hours of HD footage. GOE productions are distinguished by the use of avant-garde technology, such as HD cameras and self-stabilizing Wescam aerial filming systems.

Glusic - Wilderness Video Collection — Digital Motion represents, worldwide, the Bob Glusic - Wilderness Video collection, including more than 60 hours of HD footage of nature, wildlife, cities, volcanoes, agriculture, time-lapse and more. The collection includes long, stabilized shots of dazzling sunsets, rainbows, waterfalls, storms and more.

J Michael Media — Digital Motion represents, worldwide, the J Michael Media collection, including 13 hours of HD material consisting primarily of nature and cultural footage.


About National Geographic Digital Motion

National Geographic Digital Motion (formerly National Geographic Film Library) is the stock footage service of National Geographic Digital Media. This service licenses the Emmy Award-winning National Geographic Television and film programming. In addition, Digital Motion agents represent peer-level archives, including Australian Broadcasting Corporation, INA of France, National Film Board of Canada, the White House Historical Association, ZDF Enterprises of Germany and the World Bank, in select territories around the world. The Digital Motion searchable video archive database is at