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FIAT/IFTA World Conference Lisbon, 12th-15th October 2007

1 July 2007


"Exploring new worlds. Archives meet the interactive challenge"


Outline of the programme :

Friday 12 October 2007

15.00 - 18.00 : Registration in Sana Lisboa Hotel

13.00 - 15.00 : Commission meetings in Sana Lisboa Hotel

15.00 : Executive Council meeting in Sana Lisboa Hotel

19.00 : Opening cocktail in Sana Lisboa Hotel


Saturday 13 October 2007

08.00 – 12.00 : Registration in Sana Lisboa Hotel

09.30 - 10.30 : Plenary - Conference Opening

Welcome by host and FIAT president
Greetings from sister organisations and partners
Keynote speech - What do we mean by interactive? What are the current & future trends facing our archives?
10.30–11.00 : Coffee break

11.00-13.00 : Plenary - Exploitation of Media archives - new demands and new challenges

11.00 - 12.00 : A panel discussion on the strategies and objectives of a range of archives addressing the needs of different challenges, audiences and markets in the new interactive environment: Participants from archive from BBC, RAI, INA, ITN, CBS, RTE, B&G, Hungary will address a pre-determined list of questions addressing exploitation of contents: Outline consumer trends: video on demand, access programs on all levels of use. Why are there different offers for different audiences/markets ? i.e. commercial, educational public. Segmenting the market. How to re-present material once it is digitized for different markets.

12.00 - 12.45 : Partnership initiatives - between libraries and institutions: cooperation models such as the DR project with Danish archives & libraries and the European Digital Library project.

12.45-13.30 : What are the key issues to be addressed in the Interactive world: Rights, Accessibility, legal issues, identifying new revenue streams. Presented by FOCAL International speakers

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00-17.30 : Workshops- continuing the theme of Exploitation of Media archives - new demands and new challenges

15.00-16.00 : Workshop 1 in Plenary room: A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges) analysis of issues facing archives in the new digital interactive world. Led by the FIAT P&P Commission.

15.00-16.00 : Workshop 2 in Workshop Room 1: Different kinds of partnership examples - DR TV ; and Sony.

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30 -17.30 : Workshop 3 in Plenary room: Detailed examples of Open access projects from BBC and RTE

16.30-17.30 : Workshop 4 in Workshop Room 1: A panel of users explaining what they want from archives - What are their expectations

15.00-17.30 : Workshop 5 in Workshop room 2 : Latin American Workshop.

19.00: Viewing of FIAT Television Archive entries


Sunday 14 October 2007

09.30-11.00: Plenary - Media technology and its impact on Media archives. What are the drivers?

Industry representatives should be part of a panel discussion - challenge them with our issues (You tube, Google, Sony, etc.)

11.00 - 11.30: Coffee break

11.30-13.30 : Plenary - Overall theme is Media technology and its impact on Media archives. What are the results?

Issues to be discussed from a metadata / media management point of view:

Dilemmas caused by user generated content and metadata
User generated content from the public.
Tagging vs. cataloguing
Growing amount of content makes authenticity check very difficult.
How reliable is non-professional creation of audiovisual content? Quality control inside the community. - "Rip 'n mix culturist" should present his/her views.
The consequences of convergence of distribution, media, consumer vs producer
Traditional borders between distributing channels are torn down? (TV content on mobile devices etc.).
New distribution channels and platforms create new programme genres! - (How) are they archived?
Interactive TV and TV archives.
Tools give the possibility to multi-task jobs
Will we archive the programme or the mediaobjects?
Results of MMC seminar in Vienna

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00 : Workshops - continuing the theme of Media technology and its impact on Media archives

15.00-16.15: Workshop 6 in Plenary Room: Led by FIAT MMC. Outsourcing is solving all the problems? (Outsourcing storage, cataloguing, digitising, etc.?) - Case studies, quality discussion

15.00 -16.15 : Workshop 7 in Workshop Room 1 : Modern technologies: The end of the physical archives? Experiences from fully digitised (radio) archives

15.00-16.15 : Workshop 8 in Workshop Room 2 : African Workshop

16.30 : Excursion and visit to Portuguese archives

18.30: Return to hotel


Monday 15 October 2007

09.30 -11.30: Plenary - Academics and Media archives :"Interactions between Archives and the Academic Community" (chaired by Steve Bryant) with contributions from Claude Mussou on INA study of which academic disciplines are using archive materials; Peter Dusek and Alexander Hecht on the MA in archival sciences at Vienna University; Bert Hogenkamp on the archiving of Parliamentary recordings; (trailing a workshop); Steve Bryant on the BFI Channel Four Conference; Pelle Snickars of The Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images ; A local academic on the Portuguese situation (trailing a workshop); Brief update on Video Active. The plenary is a general collection of issues relating to aspects of archive interactions with academics and two of the subjects covered will lead to workshops.

11.30-12.00: Coffee break

12.00 -13.00: To be filled

13.00-15.00: Lunch

15.00 Workshops

15.00 - 16.30 : Workshop 9: In Plenary Room: Archiving Parliamentary recordings. Chair: Bert Hogenkamp. Potential contributors: Peter Dusek, Steve Bryant, Mauro Zaccaria (European Parliament)

15.00-16.30 : Workshop 10: In Workshop Room 1: Portuguese TV Archives and academic access (or the study of Portuguese TV History). Potential contributors: Prof. Carlos Abrantes; Ana Franqueira of SIC; Hilario Lopes of RTP; Aleksander Lavrencic of TVS Slovenia. Or Video Active update

15.00-16.30: Workshop 11: In Workshop Room 2: Training Workshop led by Prestospace experts

16.30-17.00: Coffee break

17.00-17.30 : Review of the conference and 30th Anniversary celebration

19.00: Coaches leave hotels for closing dinner

20.00: Closing dinner and FIAT Television Awards presentation at Belem Bar Café -


As an Affiliate organization, FOCAL Members can take advantage of the same registration fees as FIAT members.
Before 31st July 450 Euros, after 31st July 500 Euros.