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Film Archives has a winfall of footage in autumnal projects

12 October 2009

FILM Archives, Inc., one of the industry's leading independent stock footage firms has supplied images from its vintage and contemporary film and video libraries to an unprecedented number of high profile Fall 2009 feature films and television shows.

FILM Archives has furnished clips to the upcoming features COUPLES RETREAT, Michael Moore's CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY, the Bruce Willis sci fi film SURROGATES, and the Amelia Earthart biography, AMELIA.

Television productions have also called upon FILM Archives throughout the summer for footage to be included in new episodes of The Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, Mythbusters, Surviving Disaster, Gangland, and Undercover History.

New and returning daily comedy and talk shows - all requiring fast turnaround for their diverse footage needs - have sought out FILM Archives for last minute requests for everything from the classic Monkey Washing the Kitty for THE DAILY SHOW and Jungle Explorers for LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN to news coverage of the Swine Flu epidemic for the premiering Dr. Oz show and nude men running to marry Kim Kardashian for the new JAY LENO SHOW.

"The diversity of requests for so many different films and TV shows is really unprecedented," says FILM Archives president Mark Trost. "Clients tell us they have chosen our firm over many bigger companies because of the ease of use of our website, which eliminates many of the barriers seen on other footage sites and the speed in which we can upload clips for same day or even same hour use."

From clips of the cars of the future and an explanation of the FDIC for CAPITALISM to shots of 1980s roller coaster riders and 1960s surfers for COUPLES RETREAT, Trost is pleased that FILM Archives continues to be a favorite supplier of many leading filmmakers and producers.

"With the economy in its current condition," says Trost "I am very gratified that so many producers and researchers have felt that a firm like ours is best suited to meet their needs in the diversity of images needed, the speed in which those clips have to be delivered and the understanding that budgets are tight and pricing flexibility is key."

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Mark Trost
F.I.L.M. Archives Inc.
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