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Index re-launches website

15 July 2010

Index Stock Shots has re-launched its website with a new look and a new gallery of imagery.
Based at Pinewood Studios it is one of the few independent stock footage houses still in operation.

The updated site highlights the rights managed collection with galleries featuring commercial
aviation, energy and climate, cityscapes worldwide, transport, international "Icons" and archive aviation footage. Most Index material is original 35mm colour negative and available in HD and SD formats.

Director/Cameraman Gerry Weinbren says "For the past 40 years we have produced our own footage and continue adding to the collection. We were shooting high resolution imagery long before the advent of HD. Our collection consists of a remarkable mix of subject matter largely captured on Super 35mm, providing higher resolution than the best of present HD formats. To maintain the highest standards the negative is transferred at 1080 24P or is available to be scanned at 2 or 4k for high end users"