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New Classics unveils a fresh take of opposing sides of WW II

1 September 2009

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of WW II, ITN Source has digitised rarely seen footage from newsreels offering British, German and American perspectives on the biggest war in history.

The content has been added to ITN Source’s New Classics collection giving users the chance to preview a variety of coverage on WW II. It includes the Deutsche Wochenschau newsreel; a history of the Third Reich produced by the Nazi’s, which ran from 1940 until the end of the war. Heavy on propaganda, it includes a rarely seen story reporting the apparent French surrender in the railway carriage originally used for the 1918 Armistice signing at Compaigne. However, a Gaumont British story also forming part of the New Classics collection shows Charles De Gaulle rejecting France’s surrender to Germany.

Other key events digitised by ITN Source for the World War II collection include the invasion of Poland, the attack on Pearl Harbour and the Dunkirk evacuation. Also available to view, buy and download from is footage of the United States gearing up to support the Allies and pictures of the Supreme War Council meeting between the allies and Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler at the Brenner Pass.

Asha Oberoi, Content Director of ITN Source said: ‘New Classics offers a fresh take on historical events gone by. With our World War II footage, we are offering our customers a vast collection of rich, unique content with an editorial take from both sides of the conflict. The digitisation of this type of rarely seen footage is a key driver in building a strong foundation for our New Classics brand which has created real excitement in our customer base globally.”

Available to customers worldwide, New Classics covers people, places and events that shaped the world we live in. As well as covering pivotal moments in global conflicts, the collection includes clips of royal families from around the globe; social, political and religious leaders; and iconic stars from the silver screen, music fashion and sport.
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