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HBO 40th Anniversary - Missing 1970's Programs

10 August 2011

Next year is the 40th anniversary of HBO. There are a number of initiatives in development for this celebration.

We are still struggling to find missing HBO 1970's footage as well as trying to piece together a timeline of events from back then. We have been working with a whole host of HBO veterans. We are still looking for producer Brad Schreiber and director Steve Hewitt.

In researching our various storage facilities, only a handful of these early two inch programs have survived years of purging. We can't find a single tape from 1972, 1973 and 1974, There are only a handful of reels from 1975 and 1976. We are also working with Madison Square Garden. Most of our sports programs from 1972-77 came from MSG. They have no video from this time period either. We have reached out to the sports leagues and promoters of our 1970’s programs. They have no video from this time period either. I can email a Sports Program breakdown report for more details to anyone who is a could mystery solver.

What we have pieced together so far:

originally tapes were stored at HBO Studios on 23rd Street, NYC
in the 80’s, long-term storage was shifted to Bonded
Tapes went regularly missing at Bonded and a decision was made to leave Bonded
1n 1991, HBO reels were moved to Preferred Media Storage, where they are today
No one at Madison Square Garden has clues to where there two inch went.

We need clues of what happened or who may still have any personal copies of 1970s¹ HBO programming, either on original two inch or three quarter inch screeners. We have had some luck with past HBO Sports on-camera announcers.

We need good detectives. Pass this message on to anyone you think may help us with answers and videotape

Meanwhile, we keep punching,


Max Segal