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BBC motion gallery's real-life footage illuminates the film industry

9 December 2008

High quality imagery collection licenses historical footage for Ron Howard, Gus Van Sant and Oliver Stone movies

BBC Motion Gallery, the clip sales arm of BBC Worldwide with ever-expanding stock footage collections, today announces a roundup of highly-acclaimed feature films debuting this fall and winter featuring footage from BBC Motion Gallery's vast collection of archives. Studios including Lionsgate, Dreamworks and Universal consistently look to BBC Motion Gallery as a creative partner when telling their story. Eight forthcoming and recently released films depicting real-life events and historical moments have used footage from BBC Motion Gallery's high quality motion collections.

Soon to be released:
The UK film "Age of Stupid" starring Pete Postlethwaite as a man who wakes up in 2015 and looks back at the past at why we didn't do anything to save the environment when we had the chance. The film's raw images bring to life the state of the environment with a colorful selection of BBC Motion Gallery's environmental clips and exclusive footage from the CBS News archive. (Studio: Spanner Films; Release: March 2009)

The films featuring BBC Motion Gallery footage which are currently available to view are:
Oliver Stone's "W," the real-life story of George.W.Bush, features news clips from BBC Motion Gallery of the Iraq war including the historic demolition of the Saddam Hussein statue. (Studio: Lionsgate)

"Milk" depicts the real life story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician elected to public office. The film features footage of CBS anchors Cronkite & Roger Mudd during the 70s gay rights' campaign, of which Milk was a prominent leader. The film is directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Gus Van Sant and stars Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn. (Studio: Focus Features)

Ron Howard's "Frost/Nixon," the real-life story of the post-Watergate Nixon interviews by David Frost includes CBS news footage available exclusively from BBC Motion Gallery. (Studio: Imagine / Universal)

"The Express," depicting the real life story of Ernie Davis, the first African American to win the Heismen trophy. BBC Motion Gallery civil rights' footage helped to highlight the intolerance of the time and illustrate the importance of Davis' triumph, as well as other African American athletes during the 60s. (Studio: Universal)

"The Soloist," the story of a homeless musician meeting a journalist who helps him get off the streets, utilized BBC Motion Gallery's footage to illustrate world events at the time. Footage includes the July 7, 2005 bombing of London by Islamic extremists. (Studio: Dreamworks)

"Religulous," a documentary following, host, writer and debater Bill Maher as he offers his opinionated take on the world's religions features a multitude of clips from the BBC Motion Gallery collection. War, religious and political clips were used to illustrate Maher's points. (Studio: Thousand Words / Lionsgate)

"Man on Wire," the highly-acclaimed UK film about a daredevil tightrope walker who performed between New York's twin towers, used BBC Motion Gallery's exclusive CBS footage of the Twin Towers and a clip of a cable walker at the World Trade Center. (Studio: Magnolia Pictures)

"Our relationship with the film studios has always been a creative one," commented Jan Ross, Senior Vice President, BBC Motion Gallery. "We pride ourselves in serving as their partner, understanding their goals and providing the most compelling footage to bring their stories to life."

Simon Gibbs, Managing Director, BBC Motion Gallery says, "The fact that BBC Motion Gallery footage appears in such a diverse selection of films highlights the broad range and superior quality footage we have available. Topical footage from our library has proven popular with directors and film makers looking to capture true historic moments and iconic figures with real footage from the time."

About BBC Motion Gallery

BBC Motion Gallery offers media professionals access to the world’s most comprehensive collection of high-quality motion imagery for licensing worldwide. With more than 500,000 hours of footage, BBC Motion Gallery encompasses a wealth of content covering natural history, sport, news, locations, art, music, celebrities, historic events and more. BBC Motion Gallery is also the exclusive global representative of the CBS News Archive, and has global distribution deals with NHK, Japan’s national broadcaster and ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. BBC Motion Gallery operates from offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto, Mumbai, Dubai, Sydney and Tokyo.

About BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide Limited is the main commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The company exists to maximise the value of the BBC’s assets for the benefit of the licence payer and invest in public service programming in return for rights. The company has seven core businesses: BBC Worldwide Channels, BBC Worldwide Content & Production, BBC Worldwide Digital Media, BBC Worldwide Global Brands, BBC Worldwide Sales & Distribution, BBC Magazines and BBC Home Entertainment. In 2007/08, BBC Worldwide generated profits of £117.7million on sales of £916.3million.

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