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Framepool celebrates the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11

16 July 2009

Filmmakers looking for motion content to feature historic jubilees should have a look at The footage collection run by filmmakers offers a great variety of historic material, easy to find and process. Current example is a selection of motion content around the moon landing in July 1969 – several hours of clips showing this “giant leap for mankind” are now available at

From July 16th to 24th the world is celebrating one of the most groundbreaking events in human history: the lunar landing of Apollo 11 and the first men on the moon. The 40th anniversary of this milestone brings to people’s minds again what marked an entire generation in the years following 1969. Furthermore it stands as a symbol for human achievements and the realisation of dreams by means of scientific exploration.

No wonder that images of this event have an extraordinary high value for the film industry as a whole – they do not only function as a visual proof for this particular milestone, they can also transport a lot of emotional messages. No matter for what purpose, filmmakers can be sure to find the right picture at A lot of new Apollo 11 clips are waiting to be discovered now – they stand as an example for the comprehensive portfolio as a whole. The online footage collection generally offers a great variety of historical and news related material.

To view Framepool’s anniversary trailer containing selected Apollo 11 shots, please have a look at:

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