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JCA signs British Pathe deal

28 June 2009

JCA, the longstanding, dedicated service provider to the film and television industry, has signed a long term contract with British Pathe’s new owners who recently acquired the British Pathé library from The Daily Mail and General Trust. The 90,000 stories, dating from 1897 and capturing some of the world’s most historic moments on film, can be viewed through the newly launched web site with all material elements held with JCA in both their physical and digital content stores, thus allowing customer requests to be processed in a speedy manner.

The physical move of the library to JCA and developed link to Pathe’s new team via their fulfilment system means all processing can be done in a seamless electronic manner. The physical material is largely held on DigiBeta whilst the file based workflow is sourced from a new high resolution digital library. The latter allows collections of clips to be digitally delivered to broadcasters and customers around the world using JCA’s media window.

“Pathe have joined a number of clip library clients that we have taken on over the last few years” says Simon Kay, MD at JCA “The preparation for the transfer of servicing was extensively scoped and tested prior to launch. We are delighted that material dating back to the 19th Century can now be made available via our tape or digital workflows. ”

“Pathe have sensitive materials which have to be delivered to the right people. They have to have control over when materials are delivered and also that sensible time scales are provided. ” continues Kay.

“We see this move as a major development in re-establishing the unique and individual identity of British Pathé ” says Alastair White of British Pathe. “There is no doubt that JCA tick all the right boxes for our needs at British Pathe and we are highly impressed with the execution of their work. We are pleased to be working together with the professional team at JCA to further develop the high level of service we offer.”

For more information:
Simon Kay
Managing Director
Tel: +44 20 8357 5400