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Corbis and Thought Equity Motion to cross-distribute footage

7 January 2009

Corbis and Thought Equity Motion today announced a new partnership that leverages the greatest strengths of our companies to significantly bolster our respective positions against competitors in the market.

The partnership underscores Corbis’ intensified focus on the growing footage market and represents a significant step forward for both our business and the opportunities you have with us as a footage partner.

Under the new agreement, Corbis and Thought Equity Motion will cross-distribute footage from their collections, enabling Corbis to increase the size of its collection and Thought Equity Motion to increase the distribution of its content through Corbis’ globally recognized brand, footprint and sales force.

What does this mean for you? Corbis Motion will become a stronger player in the industry and gain market share to your benefit. We’ll be significantly upgrading our Motion website, including launching e-commerce and localized versions in countries across Europe and Asia. We’ll also be accelerating our sales and marketing efforts, the ingest of new content and the speed with which we deliver to our customers. This will strengthen Corbis as a premier destination for Motion customers.

As our contract with you allows and we do with other representatives, we will begin distributing a large percentage of the Corbis Motion library through Thought Equity Motion in late Q1, providing you with an additional revenue stream.

We’re excited to share this news with you and look forward to continuing to grow our relationship as we bring a renewed sense of commitment to Corbis Motion.

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