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Film Images (Paris) at your disposal

1 February 2009

2008 has been a year of great changes at Film Images (Paris). We devoted ourselves to building a brand-new, user-friendly website with clip results, a step forward for our film library which will most certainly give useful tools to film and television professionals. 2009 needs new sources of inspiration to make a fresh start, and we aim at being one of these.

You will now find online at :

• the latest high definition, HD and 35mm, moving imagery,
• contemporary stockshots on all topics, including wildlife, exotic locations, aerials,
• French documentary films from the 1920s to 1980s,
• and a comprehensive Russian collection tracing back to the Tsar period up to the 2000s, consisting of film archives, newsreels and rushes, contemporary television programs and documentary reports. It contains hours of footage on Lenin, Stalin, the Russian Revolution, WWII at the Eastern front, Chernobyl, the collapse of the Soviet Union, as well as more recent videos on Vladimir Putin, the Chechen wars, terrorist attacks in Moscow, Beslan school, Afghanistan, Georgia and the energy issues in Caucasus and Europe ....

So we invite you to simply connect to

• To access the English version of the site please click on the British flag on the top right.
• Fill in the registration form (registration is immediate and free, you set your own login and password) and you will access the clips for preview and low-resolution download.
• The database is entirely in English, do not hesitate to use the advanced search for more efficiency, and to activate the keywords tab (top left) to access the list of related keywords.

Of course we stay at your disposal for more information and we look forward to welcoming your online researches.

Agnes Kourdadze, Film Images

NEW WEBSITE with footage online : free registration, you set your own login and password - immediate access to preview clips - research entirely in English - related keywords table - two download formats.

FILM IMAGES - 18 rue Le Bua - 75020 Paris France - tel or 47.41 - fax