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13 May 2009

New agreement links the world’s largest footage and music libraries

ITN Source, one of the world’s largest footage businesses and KPM Music, a leading digital supplier of production music owned by EMI Music Publishing, have entered into an exclusive online partnership to provide one-stop footage and music services to commercial media clients.

The agreement will provide users of archive content on the ITN Source site with seamless access to 175,000 music tracks to preview alongside stock footage clips. KPM represents artists who have composed music for feature films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Troy as well as major TV shows including The Daily Show, Gossip Girl and Dexter.

Every stock footage clip on will offer users a choice of five different music compositions from the PLAY Production music online service. Categories in the PLAY Production music database are aligned with those in site enabling users to license video and suitable music for a particular clip at the same time.

Asha Oberoi, Content Director, ITN Source said: “ITN Source is a one-stop shop for some of the most exciting archive footage in the world. By adding Play to our website, we are delivering more value to our customers who can now source the best professional footage and music in one place.”

Jonathan Channon, Executive Vice President - Media and Business Development, EMI Publishing added: "Over the last 60 years, KPM Music has become the most indispensable source of high quality production music for the creative community across TV, movies, radio, advertising and new media, and we are delighted that our catalogue will now be available to users of ITN Source's remarkable archive of footage."

This agreement further cements ITN Source’s position as a leader in digital media in the archive industry. In the past year, ITN Source has re-launched as an e-commerce site that delivers broadcast quality clips on demand. The division has built a global digital education business through Education Clip Library, most recently signing a deal with China’s largest education publisher, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

About Play
If you're involved in producing film, television, radio or any media you will already be familiar with the PLAY service.
This is the place to gain access not only to the wealth of repertoire which this rich collection of professional publishers has produced over decades, but also to tap into their combined expert knowledge of music for filmic applications, which here combines to develop the PLAY Categorisation methodology.
Our category committee is permanently in session, developing and reviewing how to best categorise music for this specialised business of ours. Unlike any other Production Music search tool, each of the PLAY library labels meticulously catalogues their repertoire to the PLAY categories and sub-categories, only recommending the very best examples of each genre for consideration.

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