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Footage Farm acquirs unique recent footage of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank

23 March 2009

Footage Farm has acquired 90 minutes of recent footage of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank, with more to follow: The material provides a fascinating record of daily life on the West Bank, Palestine, rarely seen on our screens. Shot almost weekly over the past 5 years, it shows the checkpoints set up by the Israeli Authorities deep in the heart of the West Bank, not on the border with Israel. Palestinians needing to go from one village or town to another on their daily business are seen undergoing body searches, queuing for hours, herded into tight compounds with electronic turnstiles. Other scenes show the spread of Jewish settlers in neighborhoods in the town of Hebron, leading to exclusion zones for the Palestinian citizens of the town. A beach on the Dead Sea not far from Jericho is suddenly forbidden to Palestinians and vehicles with Palestinian number plates are made to turn back.

Shot by Israeli women activists, it is a growing collection that will be updated regularly as they continue to film.

Footage Farm will be licensing the footage on the same basis as its usual public domain prices.

A full shot list is available on the Footage Farm website

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