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National Geographic First to Secure Worldwide Rights to License Never-Before-Seen Footage From China

11 January 2008

Agreement Will Enhance National Geographic’s Digital Archive.

BEIJING (Dec. 4, 2007)—National Geographic Digital Motion, the digital film archive containing moving images from more than 40 years of National Geographic Television and documentary film production, announced today a first-time agreement with China Intercontinental Communications Centre (CICC), the media production arm of China’s State Council Information Office. The agreement will allow National Geographic rights to approximately 1,300 hours of programming and 3,000 hours of footage, making never-before-seen footage available for sale worldwide. National Geographic will be responsible for licensing all footage on behalf of CICC.
This momentous announcement marks the first time the CICC is opening its digital archive to the world since its digital film archive library was established in 2004. The archive library is integrated with a video frequency acquisition system, program production facilities, and digital video and audio storage facilities, using a core platform of Media Asset Management.

“CICC shares National Geographic’s commitment to preserving footage that specializes in the genres of nature, history and culture,” said Jocelyn Shearer, vice president, video licensing and archive management, National Geographic Digital Motion. “Through this agreement we are able to offer this incredible archive to our global client base. This extraordinary collection adds tremendous value to our library, and we are thrilled to be the first to license Chinese footage that has never before been opened for public or commercial consumption. We look forward to making this remarkable footage available for repurposing.”

“We’ve done a lot of quality factual programming for National Geographic Channels and we value the long and solid relationship with our National Geographic partners,” said Yuan Lili, deputy director of CICC. “This cooperation on footage between CICC and National Geographic Digital Motion provides a good opportunity for world audiences and the media to get a firsthand look at China’s audiovisual materials, and it is also helpful for the world to know more about China as the 2008 Olympic Games approach.”

About National Geographic Digital Motion

National Geographic Digital Motion (formerly National Geographic Film Library) is the stock footage service of National Geographic Digital Media. This service licenses the Emmy Award-winning National Geographic Television and film programming. In addition, Digital Motion agents represent peer-level archives, including Australian Broadcasting Corporation, INA of France, National Film Board of Canada, the White House Historical Association, ZDF Enterprises of Germany and the World Bank, in select territories around the world. The Digital Motion searchable video archive database is at

About China Intercontinental Communications Centre

China Intercontinental Communications Centre (CICC) is the media production arm of China's State Council Information Office and is one of China’s largest documentary producers, specialising in the genres of nature, history and culture. CICC’s core business is co-production of world-class documentaries about China with a range of international broadcasting partners. Founded in 1994, CICC has a team of highly talented producers with experience in the international television industry. CICC enjoys an excellent relationship with China’s government agencies and is one of the few organisations in China that has been granted a license to host foreign film crews. Among the international production companies and broadcasting networks CICC has worked with are National Geographic Channels, Discovery Channels, PBS, D3 TV Station, Arte, ZDF and Vox (Germany), TBS and BS Asahi (Japan), NHNZ (New Zealand), Granada, Lion Productions and the National Film Board of Canada.