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Videoplugger's 10th Anniversary Party

21 November 2014



Videoplugger's 10th Anniversary Party

Videoplugger celebrated their 10th birthday with a bang, in the Marelybone trattoria Briciole last Friday the 14th, of November. The event was attended by media buyers and researchers from BBC, ITV, Sony, Acorn/RLJ Entertainment, Objective Productions, Focal International, Spotify and many others.
The event was well attended and was a opportunity for media players to meet up socially in a London location to network and meet up old friends and make new contacts.

“Videoplugger has been a great agent for RAI movie library, and the range and quality of Videoplugger archive clips is exceptional. It's great to see everything showcased” Adrian Munsey, Sony
“Really great place and the music from Round Coloured Note was excellent” Steve Bergson, Researcher

From Twitter:
“What a great party and lovely group of people.” Simon Whittington @ShowbizSimonW , ITV
Videoplugger started from Emanueles front room and has grown into a global media player, thanks to their great supplier network and understanding of what the buyers need.


For further information, please contact:
Emanuele Galloni 020 8659 6348 (office) - Mon to Fri, 9am to 5.30pm)

Notes to editors:
1. Founded in 2004 by Emanuele Galloni and Ebba Eriksson, Videoplugger started trading in 2004 and quickly made a name for itself as a successful video content agency, specialising in sourcing, supplying, distributing and trading video content worldwide.The ground-breaking ZAZA video distribution platform on was developed by Videoplugger with the talented Austrian web developer Matthias Bauer (now at Pulpmedia). It has enabled us to deliver online video content faster and more securely than other methods such as satellite feeds or costly Beta tapes.
In the years since 2004 we have more than tripled our turnover and established ourselves as a market leading video content agency in terms of reliability, customer service and technology.
We started out with a small base of suppliers which has gradually increased over the years building up a vast range of video content that now boasts more then 130,000 videos (updated July 2014).