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Global ImageWorks' Election Day highlight reel

2 November 2010

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November 2, 2010

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Election Day Highlights

It’s Election Day - get out and vote!  But also check out Global ImageWorks' Election Day highlight reel. It covers presidents, politics, interviews and campaigning from the last several decades. GIW is also excited to exclusively represent footage from the 2008 Presidential campaign shot by the producers of the award winning documentary film “We The People.”


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Tibet in Exile



GIW exclusively represents footage of Tibetans living in exile in India from filmmaker Patrick Morell of Golden Rabbit Films.


 Scenic images:

  • Dharmasala, where the government-in-exile functions and where his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, has established his residence. 
  • Isolated villages in the High Himalayas and along the Tibet-India border as well as urban centers such as Pokhara and Katmandu.

Cultural Tibet: 

  • Thangas, paintings, handicrafts, wood carving, clothing design and religious sculptures, weaving factories, schools and health centers, poetry and writing sessions, music and dance performances.

The Tibetan people:

  • Interviews with His Holiness’ sister and the Karmapa shortly after their escape from Tibet in 2000.
  • Conversations with recent and older Tibetan refugees covering how they have coped with exile, the New Age culture and personal memories of Tibet.

Click the image to view the Tibet in Exile footage...


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