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Wiki Rebels Documentary

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29 November 2010


Documentary / current / 58’
WikiLeaks is the topic of the day with yet another huge release that reveals highly classified secret information.

Filmmakers Jesper Huor och Bosse Lindquist are making this smoking hot documentary - the first ever in-depth documentary on WikiLeaks with behind-the-scenes with the main players.

WikiLeaks has now gained a World Wide reputation of being a whistle blower of extreme magnitude – enhancing the knowledge about American diplomacy, Iranian torture, Icelandic bank ponzies etc.

Few knows however anything about the vision driving the mysterious founder – Julian Assange – a man declared being a saint in the same breath as he is facing charges of rape and/or treason. Here we are told the story behind the founders, the “information technology rebels” without a national affiliation, who have created one of the most powerful structures on the international political scene.

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