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New Website for Index Stock Shots

20 May 2016


Index Stock Shots has launched a new website - - designed to promote its unique commercial aviation collection and at the same time illustrate the diversity of its mainly 35mm film holding. It is hoped to engender more online enquiries allowing clients to take advantage of the bespoke research and delivery service on offer

Index, one of Britain’s first independent footage houses, has been in operation more than 50 years but has only recently implemented a programme of placing its archival material on-line. This in-cludes 35mm colour footage from the 50’s onwards - not transferred to tape at an earlier stage for fear of damaging the original negative.

The sale and closure of long time associate Corbis Motion, with the departure of many valued col-leagues, is a sad loss but it will not affect Index functioning as an independent company. The Getty Images invitation to represent the selection of Index footage held by Corbis, on an exclusive basis at a much reduced revenue share, was an offer easily rejected - links with existing international associates therefore remain in place.

Index founder Gerald Weinbren has always been passionate about preserving footage but unlike Jonathan Klein the founder of Getty Images does not associate libraries/archives with the bovine species. (Reference Mr Klein’s tweet below) Both spent their formative years in South Africa but as Mr Klein was born there he was possibly more influenced by the age old tribal tradition of cattle ownership being a measure of wealth - no matter the condition of the animals.

Jonathan Klein, chairman of Getty Images, took to Twitter to express his happiness when his com-pany gained access to the image library of its rival. - “Almost 21 years but got it. Lovely to get the milk, the cream, cheese, yoghurt and the meat without buying the cow” - Jonathan Klein (@JonathanDKlein) January 22. 2016