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Physical Meets Digital: A Virtual Forum Navigation the New Information Landscape

28 August 2019





Join the free, award-winning virtual forum navigating the new information management landscape, featuring 20+ live online sessions, 30+ experts, Q&As, polls and forums. Embark on a journey to digital transformation, learn to cross the chasm of physical and digital data. Protect your business now and preserve your legacy for the future.

FOCAL Members, Iron Mountain would like to invite you to their free, award-winning Physical Meets Digital virtual forum, during which they will meet live with industry experts to discuss best practices for digital transformation, hybrid storage, security, and compliance.

First sessions will take place on Aug 27th and Aug 29th at 10:00 – 10:30 AM. These will be held fully online. August topics will focus on the role of AI/ML in managing unstructured data and solutions to managing Subject Access Requests alongside varied information formats.

They have many more sessions coming until the end of the year and if you register once you’ll get access to all of them. You can find more details and register here.

Check the agenda and register today