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Framepool 360 is marketing worldwide exclusive content

12 February 2008

Munich/Paris, 12 February 2008 – With his series Nuit de la Glisse Thierry Donard has been one of the most important and renowned filmmakers in the area of extreme sports for 26 years. His films show the most daring sportsmen and women and the world’s most famous free-style riders in their element. Framepool has acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to the director’s oeuvre and will also market his future work.

“I have known Framepool as a serious and efficient company for quite some time now. One doesn’t take on the entire raw material of Nuit de la Glisse just for the fun of it…” Donard commented on his decision for the company.

The stock footage provider has founded the specialist department Framepool 360 [Framepool Three Sixty] with branches in Munich and Paris for the marketing of Nuit de la Glisse. “We are delighted that Thierry Donard has put his trust in us. He is a living legend. What makes him so special is that he has always remained true to his philosophy of combining sports with respect for nature,” comments Jean-Charles Pentecouteau, director of Framepool 360 Paris.

The footage-experts are putting their efforts into perfect service to market the high-profile content. Framepool 360 offers creative inspiration in the shape of individual motion content concepts to companies and projects that want to use Donard’s material for product presentations. Clients receive advice already in the conception phase, suitable scenes are systematically selected and compiled or entire events are edited thematically in accordance with the client’s wishes. Some feature film producers have already acquired a selection of scenes for their next production, way before the first day of shooting.

Thierry Donard’s films are not only visually and aesthetically captivating, but they are also of outstanding technical quality. Donard shoots everything on Super 16, where his colleagues would normally use DV or Beta. “We are currently scanning the footage of Nuit de la Glisse in HD up to 2K, so we can fully satisfy the technical expectations of our clients,” says Pentecouteau.

End of January Donard’s latest film Testimony came into the cinemas, but the director has already started working on his next film Never Ending. Donard would also like to see these new shots in TV- and cinema commercials and believes Framepool 360 have the perfect client base in the advertising scene. He and his team are travelling the world in pursuit of top-athletes – surfers, snowboarders, skiers, wakeboarders etc. – to accompany them with the camera. “I don’t really like the term extreme sports very much,” says Donard, “I don’t ask anyone to try out crazy things. We are working with professional sportsmen and women, who know exactly what they are doing. And my team and I have to rely totally on each other, because often it’s a question of life and death. That’s only possible if you’re passionate – about sports, about nature and about the best technical equipment.”

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