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NHNZ Moving Images Overturns Stock Footage Purchasing Cart

13 March 2011

With the client in mind, NHNZ Moving Images has announced a change in their purchasing model making buying stock footage from their recently relaunched website easier and more cost effective for researchers and stock footage buyers. The current trend in the footage industry is to charge by the clip with an imposed minimum – NHNZ Moving Images approach is that there is no minimum order and they sell by the second not the clip.

To further streamline the process entire sequences are placed on-line, rather than breaking them up into short clips - which makes viewing and ordering easier. Almost 90% of the footage available is held exclusively by NHNZ Moving Images.

Ms Cook compares the website to a high end boutique. “We have highly skilled and experienced researchers working with the producers to get just the right fit; we have some of our best product displayed on the website and a vast store of quality product out back – all you need to do is ask. NHNZ Moving Images is focused on finding the best footage to meet the producer’s creative, editorial and technical requirements, deadlines and budget. It’s a user friendly site, designed by producers for producers.”

About NHNZ Moving Images

NHNZ Moving Images represent over 200,000 hours of footage with a major holding in HD. Following the completion of two, 10 one-hour 3D series by NHNZ and its co-production partners for the recently established 3D Net, 3D footage will shortly be added to the catalogue.