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David Haynes Passes Away

8 May 2011

FOCAL International has learnt of the recent death of David Haynes.

David started working at the Rank Film Labs, and then he joined the Anglia TV Natural History Unit  "Survival" in the early 80's. He went to Norwich with them, when they closed the London offices in 1990.

After working for Anglia in Norwich, he came back to London and worked for British Pathe until they were taken over by ITN. Following his redundancy, he had a series of freelance contracts with ITV companies but finally started working at Deluxe labs in the last few years.

Footage Researcher Ann Williams said “He was really happy there with his 'proper job' having come 'full circle' back to the labs again."

After being diagnosed with leukaemia, David's siblings for tested for donor compatibility. His older sister was found to be a possibility and was to be his donor, for an operation before Christmas.

David returned home for a short period, before returning to hospital. He even overcame a pneumonia infection before eventually passing away.

Ann said: “He was lovely to work with. Extremely funny and entertaining, but also very sensitive to other people's feelings and kind. Loved music and was really interested in the cinema; he had a great gift for mimicry and could do impersonations that would leave me simply helpless with laughter.”

"At the hospital his brother Peter was with him every day, and with him when he died. David knew that friends and family loved him, which is a good thing."