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25 years on the BBC Domesday Project is being re-launched as a website.

12 May 2011

Joanne King looks back on her time working on the Domesday Project:

Way back in 1985-86 I was one of the picture researchers beavering away to research, caption and index photos on all the subjects we thought represented "a snapshot of Britain in the 1980s". We also had school kids taking photos of their local area, and held a competition for members of the public to send in their photos of British life. All in all we had 56,000 pictures on two interactive video discs, plus maps, statistics, text and moving footage. I'll be interested to see how much of it ends up on the new website! I suspect copyright clearance will limit the researched material from appearing, but who knows, maybe it will all be there.

This was my first job for the BBC, and 26 years on I am about to start work on yet another historical documentary for BBC TV. But I also work on books, exhibitions, and supplying metadata. The experience I gained in in that baptism of fire, the Domesday Project, is still relevant to the work I do today.

Do take a look:

Best wishes, Jo
Joanne King