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Catastrophic flooding on the land of kangaroos and koalas

23 January 2011

Australia has been in the focus of world news recently due to the catastrophic flooding in the Northeast. However, the continent still offers a wealth of beautiful landscapes and dangerous wild animals.

Editorial videos:
• Whitsunday Islands
• Saltwater crocodiles
• Concerned about Gundera the koala cub

Footage videos:
• Koala hospital in Western Australia
• Koala on tree

In the upcoming weeks look for these new ready to broadcast videos for downloading:

• 5th week
Chaplin’s first talkies
Causes of the tinnitus

• 6th week
Nelson Mandela get out of the prison
Overweight pets

• 7th week
The Battle of Verdun

• 8th week
Mikhail Gorbachev’s birthday
Poker, the dangerous trend

Jan Zolcer,

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