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Spanish Civil War Addition to Huntley Film Archives

21 June 2011

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Stunning New Film

We love each and every one of our films...but sometimes a blinder really takes our breath away. This time 1930's film during the Spanish Civil War.

It's extraordinary, very intimate with a strong sense of "high jinks and jolly hockey sticks", a group of young idealistic intellectuals trying their hand at real war...they were in for a shock you feel, hindsight can be a terrible thing. And indeed, the film mourns the death of one of them.

Film Storage

We are beginning to offer a new service.

We have constructed especially designed film storage vaults, purpose built to house film stocks to optimise the longevity of those precious films. We can store YOUR collection as well. We set the air conditioning and de-humidification levels at the best level we can, taking into account the current atmospheric conditions. Our staff are very experienced in the conservation of film assets and we have on site security. If you are interested, ask us for a quote.

Archive Film Handling Course

There are still places available for our "Principles of Film Handling" two day course in September.
Contact for details.

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