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Moving Images Scores Storm Chaser Exclusive

11 April 2008

NHNZ Moving Images is now the sole agent for the extraordinary footage collection of international Storm Chaser, Geoff Mackley.

NHNZ has inked a deal to act exclusively on behalf of this talented cameraman who is renowned for his spine-tingling images from natural disaster zones.

In 1995 Mackley made world news headlines when he scaled an erupting New Zealand volcano at Mt Ruapehu in pitch darkness to capture the action from the crater’s edge.

Since then he has photographed around 100 natural disasters and forged an enviable reputation as one of the world’s ultimate storm chasers as featured in the NHNZ production Storm Shooter.

NHNZ Moving Images manager, Caroline Cook says the deal will give NHNZ’s clients “real time access” to Mackley’s cutting edge collection.

The intrepid cameraman will supply NHNZ with material directly from the field ensuring immediate access to his highly sought after material.

“There’s no doubt that Geoff goes to extreme lengths to be first on the scene.  By entrusting NHNZ to represent the resulting footage, he can concentrate on the serious business of capturing extreme natural events on film,” Ms Cook says.

Mackley’s collection features a mix of Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) footage including some of the world’s most amazing and horrific natural events from the 2006 Boxing Day Tsunami to the eruption at Ruapehu.

Filmed with a Panasonic AJ-HPX 2100B HD camera, Mackley’s collection is hot property for producers of documentaries, news reports, first on the scene accounts, educational programmes and advertising.

Using the latest technical equipment, Mackley tracks disasters from his home in Auckland, New Zealand venturing to extreme environments for the ultimate accolade of first on the scene.  The result is intense, riveting and at times horrifying footage. 

For more information, please contact:

NHNZ Moving Images Manager
Caroline Cook
Phone + 64 3 479 9799

For Sales inquiries, please contact
Olly Rudd or Jamie Thorpe
Phone + 64 3 479 9799

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