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Channel 4 and AP Archive in Footage Access Agreement

2 May 2008

Channel 4 has agreed a major new deal with AP Archive, one of the key suppliers of archive footage

Under the deal, production companies working for Channel 4 will have preferential access to AP Archive content and increased flexibility of rights across traditional forms of TV use as well as new areas of new media exploitation such as VOD and DTO. The agreed rates have been positioned to be lower than those of any comparable supplier to Channel 4.

AP Archive is one of the world’s largest news archives and is renowned for its coverage of global news and entertainment stories from 1896 to the present day. Channel 4 producers are now able to license AP and its partner content at the same competitive prices which includes footage from some of the world’s most prominent broadcasters such as ABC News and Sky News.

Head of AP Archive, Alwyn Lindsey commented, “This deals gives Channel 4’s producers the flexibility and value for money that they need and makes AP Archive the first port of call for anyone making a programme for Channel 4.”