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Parys Communications - Spectacular Wildlife footage available on Bebo

8 November 2007

Natural History film ‘Earth’ footage added to Social Networking site

From today millions of subscribers to the Bebo social networking site will be able to engage with the new BBC Worldwide and Greenlight Media feature film Earth via a specially created profile on the site. The move signals a new way of promoting feature films and generates deeper engagement with the conservation messages of the film amongst the hard to reach youth audience prevalent on Bebo.

The film, released nationally in the UK on the 16th November, has already been marketed to a broader audience via By adding preview clips, blogs and exclusive profile skins to Bebo, BBC Worldwide will be able to build a community of interest amongst the youth demographic.

Amanda Hill, Head of Project Earth, BBC Worldwide commented: “Our role within the Earth project is to get the conservation messages of the film out to as wide an audience as possible. We are proud of the work we have already done on the site but were also excited by the chance to add our content to Bebo as we appreciate the need to talk to the youth audience within their own environment. Hopefully watching a humpback whale care for her calf on their migration or experiencing the range of wonders our planet has to offer in stunning HD footage will create a sense of pride and conservation within.”

Lisa Meakin

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