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BAPLA Digital Training Supports Industry Standards

19 November 2007

The image library association BAPLA (British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies) is a major player in the effort to promote digital standards in the image industry. BAPLA produced digital guidelines for the image licensing industry as well as working with image buyers and sellers and standards bodies including Pic4Press, IPTC, IQA,UPDIG.

BAPLA is working to strengthen the use of digital standards throughout the industry by offering a series of training sessions for image libraries and their photographers. The training, to be delivered by Skillset Accredited training provider Electric Lane, will help photographers and libraries achieve the standards needed to ensure clients receive correctly produced and usable files.

“The digital workflow is still relatively new” says BAPLA CEO Linda Royles. “Image quality is hugely important in today’s competitive market place as is getting the job done right the first time. So we have organised targeted training for photographers supplying or wanting to supply image libraries. Our trainers have huge practical and commercial experience.”

The first course for photographers will run on 24 January 2008 in Farringdon, London. It is a practical course where photographers will learn accurate and productive ways to process and correct their images.

“If photographers deliver quality image files, it leaves the image libraries to concentrate on what they should be doing - promoting and selling their images.” says Royles. “Individual photographers will benefit too. In the current competitive climate being able to deliver good image files is fast becoming a necessity. This is a great chance for photographers to receive the kind of training which will help them work more productively when producing images for clients of all kinds.”

For further information and booking contact Christina at BAPLA Tel: 020 7713 1780.

BAPLA (The British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies) represents over 400 image suppliers. BAPLA has worked with the PPA on the Pic4Press Digital guidelines, has produced its own Digital Guidelines booklet, and is playing an active role in UPDIG. BAPLA promotes consistent use of metadata fields, has produced the BAPLA/Pic4Press panel with the PPA, and is now a member of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working group.

Electric Lane offers consultancy and training in digital imaging and picture archiving. Set up by Sarah Saunders, a former CEO of BAPLA, the company works with people producing and handling images throughout the workflow. Sarah Saunders is Chair of the BAPLA Metadata Group and represents BAPLA on the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group and UPDIG. Electric Lane is Skillset accredited for short courses in digital imaging.