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Shakespeare Libraries Project Appeal

6 November 2007

The British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) would be keen to hear from any film, television or radio archive with holdings relating to Shakespeare. The BUFVC is currently hosting a project aims to create a database of all of Shakespeare on film, television and radio, from conventional interpretations of his plays through to adaptations, allusions, parodies and documentaries. This is a three-year project, with the finished database to be published online in Summer 2008. An interim version with limited features can be seen now at

As part of this project, we are contacting film and television collections worldwide to ask if they can provide us with records of their Shakespeare-related holdings. We are chiefly interested in the productions that relate to a particular country, but if the archive has rare copies of other titles we would be interested in those too. It is our intention not only to produce as comprehensive a listing as possible, but to indicate to users which titles are in current distribution and which are preserved in archives around the world. We would be most grateful if any interested archives could help, either by providing a specific listing or else pointing our researchers to an online or offline catalogue.

Please send any information to Olwen Terris, Senior Researcher, BUFVC, 77 Wells Street, London W1T 3QJ, email


Luke McKernan
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