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Framepool Goes Hollywood

27 May 2008

Munich/Hollywood, 27th May 2008 - "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" directed by Steven Spielberg, "Pink Panther 2" and "Anaconda 3" with David Hasselhoff– these are recent Hollywood Productions Framepool licensed several landscape shots, aerials and historical shots to.

"We are very proud that our material made it onto the Big Screen and especially of providing a stunning landscape shot to one of the most anticipated motion pictures of the year, comments CEO Stephan Bleek. "And there will be definitely more to come."

In the past Framepool shots have been placed in features such as "The Reaping", "ATL", "Beerfest", "The Butterfly Effect 2", "Chapter 27", "Slither", "Blades of Glory". The Stock Footage Collection also placed shots in "CSI New York and Miami", "The Sleeper Cell", the documentaries "Spider Man Tech", "Star Wars - The Legacy revealed", the "Mega Desasters Series" and 12 shows for the Learning channel. And last but not least Framepool proudly coordinated and executed the B Unit Shoots in Paris for an episode of "NCIS".

"Producers and Editors in Hollywood appreciate the online availability of our masters as well as the speedy and reliable clearance and licensing process", says L.A. based Framepool representative Alexander von Roon. "In Hollywood Framepool has gained a reputation of a truly reliable one stop shop."