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Babelgum Director Sets Up New Media Service

24 July 2007

Chris O'Hearn has left online video platform Babelgum and is setting up his own company, Media Diffusion.

The former Director of Content will work with content owners to make their material available on new platforms, aiming to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and the content they need.

“Many people with great content know they want to find new ways to distribute but aren't sure what to do and can't just experiment. The new platforms are very much led by technology and with new ones emerging all the time they don't make it easy,” says O'Hearn.

“The concept of diffusion is taking something concentrated – in this case traditional video – and distributing it more widely. It could be back catalogue, archives, corporate libraries, educational bodies – all of these are fantastic sources of content which now have the potential to reach much wider audiences.”

With a background in commercial archives, news and entertainment production O'Hearn aims to help content owners look at issues such as rights, metadata and digital access which often prevent them from taking advantage of new platforms.

“The big question is whether there is money in it and there undoubtedly is,” O'Hearn says, “though some owners may be looking for more effective profile and branding opportunities as well.

For further details please contact Chris O'Hearn at:

Media Diffusion - Connecting Content
+44 7815 58 58 72