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ITN Source Cues Up Video Content for Joe Strummer Documentary

16 May 2007

ITN Source has provided footage for the Julien Temple directed film The Future is Unwritten - Joe Strummer a feature length documentary that chronicles the Clash front-man’s life and philosophies that guided him and in turn influenced countless bands across the world from U2 to the The Libertines. The footage is derived from some of ITN Source’s highest profile content partners including ITN, Granada, Channel 4, British Pathe and Reuters.

ITN Source’s moving image is used to illustrate the Clash man’s outlook on the world and how his views were shaped by events around him. The documentary features compelling historical sequences that capture a sense of London and the world in the 70s and is effectively used to illustrate the disaffection of class and race struggles in urban Britain. The film includes footage of the anti Vietnam demonstrations, clips of rioting and civil unrest in Chile against General Pinochet's military junta and footage of illegal hippy squats in London in the 70’s. The documentary also features the band’s TV debut on So it Goes in 1977 where they performed Capital Radio and Janie Jones.

ITN Source has a dedicated Entertainment team specialising and working with Film, Music and all other areas of the entertainment sector providing content ideas and solutions to producers and their creative teams through development to release.

Other recent box office hits to have used footage from ITN Source’s moving image library, include 2007 Oscar® winners: The Queen and The Last King of Scotland; This is England, Half Nelson; Borat: The Good Shepherd, Bobby, World Trade Center and Superman Returns.

Please find image attached of Strummer performing Janie Jones on So it Goes (Granada) in 1977

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