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Film Images to Close

15 May 2007

Letter from Dave Kent, Director, Film Images (London) Ltds

We are writing to inform you that, after many years of operating in the

footage business, Film Images (London) Ltd will cease trading at the

end of June.

We are all aware of the substantial changes that both the footage and stills

archive industries have undergone. The technological challenges of

providing digitized retrieval systems worldwide require a very substantial

volume of investment and, therefore, business. Film Images’ position in

the market today will not, realistically, permit it to become a major,

worldwide supplier. The Corona Group, Film Images’ parent company

has therefore decided to concentrate its resources on its already successful

stills business, incorporating The Kobal Collection and The Art Archive.

We will carry out this closure with all due consideration to our

employees, suppliers and the other companies and people who have

supported us throughout the years.

From a practical point of view, we are contacting individual suppliers and

customers of Film Images in order to complete work in progress and

arrange orderly transitions.

We thank all of you for your support over the years and wish you all good

luck in your endeavours. We particularly wish to publicly thank the Film

Images team which has been operating in an increasingly difficult

environment for some time and are seeing their activity cease, despite

their substantial personal efforts.