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Global Imageworks Focuses on our World with a New Travel Collection

1 May 2007

What does the sun look like as it sets over the Holy temples of Myanmar?

What were they wearing on the fashionable beaches of the French Riviera when the bikini was new?

What was running of the bulls like in the days of Hemingway?

What did some of the world’s monuments and historical sites look like before climate change and political conflicts took their toll?
Global ImageWorks has added over 100 hours of footage to its collection. This footage documents the world and its varied cultures from present day Hi-definition footage to historic travelogues shot on 35 mm film.

The Travel Film Archive includes footage captured by well known filmmakers Andre de la Varre and Burton Holmes and covers exotic locales and peoples from all corners of the world between the 1920’s and 1970s.

With its expanding High-Definition coverage complimenting the historic material, Global ImageWorks collection of people, places and lifestyles offers a rich experience with deep footage content reflecting our changing world - politically, socially and environmentally.

Global ImageWorks is actively digitizing its entire collection and will have several hundred hours up on-line for viewing within the next few months. Currently highlight reels can be viewed on-line or the entire database can be searched at