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Quatre Du Groenland, by Paul-Emile Victor, now available via Film Images, Paris

1 May 2007

Film Images, Paris has been granted worldwide distribution rights to Quatre Du Groenland, a priceless testimony of the very first French Expedition to Greenland. The Four from Greenland were Paul-Emile Victor, ethnographer, head of expedition, Dr Robert Gessain, anthropologist, Michel Perez, geologist, and Fred Matter-Steveniers, cameraman. They spent the winter 1934-1935 on the East Coast of Greenland at the Ammassalik Eskimos, the Inuit ethnic group from Ammassalik in Eastern Greenland, that is to say, the two populations of the Ammassalik and Scoresbysund (Ittoqqortoormiit) districts. They left on July 1934 on the Pourquoi-Pas boat for Greenland, discovered only 50 years ago. In September 1935, Docteur Jean-Baptiste Charcot picked them up and they came back to France.

(NB: Pourquoi-Pas is the first polar ship to have crossed the two polar circles.)

Feel free to contact Film Images for more information on this extraordinary film archive.

Film Image’s partners photo agency, Rue Des Archives has just signed an exclusive worldwide representation deal with the family photo archives of Paul-Emile Victor, consisting in about 150 negatives. These archives, that highlight in particular the expeditions of the 1930s in Greenland, were held and preserved until now by Paul-Emile Victor's children.

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