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ITN Source gets Hot Under the Collar with New Rep Deal

16 March 2007

ITN Source has further confirmed its status as the world’s leading source of diverse moving image content.

Q. How?

A. By adding quirky news, sport and eccentric British cultural footage to its ever-growing content portfolio, following a global distribution deal with top UK Indie Hot Under the Collar (HUTC).

Q. So, what footage can I see?

A. The HUTC archive features a wealth of imagery dating back ten years and covering an assortment of news, sports, British cultural and ‘eccentric’ footage. From the heights of the World Extreme Ironing Championship to Canine Come Dancing, the incredible shark tank cleaner and not to forget the weighty World Elephant Polo Championships!

Q. What else?

A. This inspiring collection also includes our very own “wacky races” with literally piles of crashes and prangs from the world of motorsport including banger racing, rally cars, grasstrack and speedway.

Q. Who can see it?

A. ITN Source’s customers will have instant online access to HUTC’s complete footage catalogue which holds hundreds of individual quirky clips and hours of material. Customers can enjoy the convenience of being able to view, self-edit, download and purchase all these humorous and unusual moments directly through ITN Source’s recently launched e-commerce-enabled digital website –

Sue Thexton, Managing Director, ITN Source, said : “ITN Source is widely regarded as the creative industries’ most diverse source of moving imagery, and this latest representation deal continues to expand the vast range and depth of inspiring content we have to offer our global customer base. We are delighted to be representing Hot Under The Collar’s unique and eccentric collection of footage, and are confident that its’ timeless and international appeal will give ITN Source’s customers another reason to choose us for all of their footage needs.”

David Painter, Director, HUTC, added, “We are delighted to partner with ITN Source to bring our unique archive to a much wider international audience. We are continually adding to our collection and are confident that our material will be a source of inspiration to researchers looking for something a little unusual.”

About ITN Source

ITN Source (formerly ITN Archive) is the world’s leading provider of motion imagery, containing over 800,000 hours of iconic footage captured over three centuries. From news to drama, celebrity, comedy, music, wildlife, natural history and film, and growing at a rate of over 20 hours a day, ITN Source is the most diverse commercial archive in the world.

ITN Source represents the world’s largest collection of moving image libraries including, Reuters, ITN, Channel 4, Granada, British Pathe, FOX News and FOX Movietone and other specialist collections. An advanced digital website now offers users the convenience of searching for, viewing, downloading and now purchasing iconic and captivating footage at the touch of a button.

With headquarters in London, ITN Source has sales offices across the globe in New York, Los Angeles, Canada, Berlin, Paris, Johannesburg, Sydney and Tokyo.

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Lucy Puddefoot, PR Executive, ITN Source: Tel: +44 (0)207 430 4599