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NAB 2007 Preview of Pharos Communications

1 March 2007


Pharos Communications will be demonstrating at NAB2007 fully tapeless media asset management from ingest to transmission.
Central to the exhibit will be Pharos Mediator, a powerful MAM system which can be configured to suit any size of broadcast business from single-station to large multichannel network. Each Mediator installation is based on a precise analysis of each client's workflow.
The latest additions to the Pharos Pilot equipment-control system will also be shown, enabling a broadcaster to migrate easily from SD to HD operation.


Introduced to the US market at NAB2006, Pharos Mediator will this year be shown in an enhanced form incorporating powerful new

* Expanded tape library management facilities include the ability to handle hundreds of thousands of tapes and allow easy picklist creation.

* MPEG-4-based video browse gives programme compilation staff rapid desktop access to library content, free from the limitations of hard-copy media distribution.

* Automated robotic ingest allows existing broadcast libraries to be digitised and catalogued quickly for playout and post-transmission archiving.

* A spot check can be made from the desktop to ensure successful digitising in browse resolution on a PC or in high resolution on a broadcast monitor.

* Stored media can be enhanced by the addition of components such as extra audio files to support multiple language sound tracks.

* Mediator Virtual VTR. Editing systems can now layback as a digitised file directly to Mediator, removing the need for tape and subsequent ingest.

* The Mediator library can be segregated to support multiple clients, providing security and privacy without needing separate databases.

* A reporting framework allows generation of specific management reports such as ingest lists, picklists for transmission, transferred items or missing material.


The latest Pharos Pilot MCR device control system allows operators to deploy settings instantly for SD, HD or multidefinition broadcasting via a single touchscreen, including aspect-ratio switching, audio/video synchronisation and audio channel manipulation. Presets can then be recalled on a per-card or per-device basis, or deployed system-wide from a single command.

New features include:

* HD or SD tone and bar enabling via GPI.

* Presets for audio and video timing, colour correction, ARC and up/down signal conversion.

* Load 'Tone/bars to All' monitor stack preset

* Audio monitor switching between Dolby 5.1 and stereo.

* Switch to, enable and deploy settings to main and reserve embedder.

Pharos staff attending NAB:

Roger Heath
Nigel Haycock
Steve Robinson
Chris Partington
David Barnes.
Based in Reading, England, Pharos Communications (www.pharos- is focused on software architecture for broadcast
process management. Since its formation in 1997, the company has
developed a wide range of systems for automating the flow of
material through broadcast facilities including playout presentation,
media asset management, archiving, and facility management.

Attached images show Pharos Mediator Spot Check and Pharos Pilot
HD-SD Line-Up screens.

Media contacts:

Hannah Trimble, Pharos Communications
t: +44 (0)118 950 2323