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AP Archive Obtains Full Coverage of Saddam Trial

17 January 2007

AP Archive, the archive footage business of the Associated Press, has added the video coverage of the entire trial of Saddam Hussein to its collection. The former Iraqi leader was sentenced to death in late 2006 for the killing of 143 Shiites from Dujail, in retaliation for a failed attempt on his life in 1982.

The full proceedings of the trial were recorded by AP Television News journalists based in Iraq. They also recorded footage from another trial for which Saddam was standing, charged with genocide for the killing of Kurds as part of the al-Anfal campaign. The total duration of coverage from the two trials is over 135 hours, all of which is now housed in AP Archive’s London vaults.

The material comes from AP Television News' Baghdad bureau which has generated many of the most iconic images coming out of Iraq in recent years.

Head of AP Archive, Alwyn Lindsey said “The breadth and quality of our footage from Iraq is simply unsurpassed. Iraq has become increasingly difficult to cover with much of the news media having pulled out as a result and the quality of the images coming out of our Baghdad bureau is a credit to all of our staff who work there.” Going on to talk about the trial footage, he continued: “The ultimate demise of Saddam Hussein marks a hugely significant chapter in the Iraq story and the fact that the entire trial has been archived and is now available in one place will be invaluable to programme makers.”

Footage from the trial, along with hundreds of hours of other footage of Iraq and Saddam Hussein can be licensed through AP Archive's offices in London and New York.

Contact details:

UK Office: +44 (0) 207 482 7482
US Office: + 1 212 621 7400

About AP Archive

AP Television News is the international television division of the world's largest and oldest news agency, The Associated Press. Its London-based archive, AP Archive, contains over 500,000 news and entertainment reports dating back to 1896. It has become the definitive source of footage for major news events such as the Kosovo war, 9/11, the conflict in Iraq and the Asian Tsunami, as well as major entertainment stories.