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Archival Aircraft Footage from the Index Collection

24 October 2006

Index Stock Shots has released archival airline footage to complement its renowned contemporary aviation collection. “The 50’s to the 70’s”, climax of the piston engine era and the beginning jet age, arguably the most important period in the development of civil aviation.

Filmed on 35mm colour negative the footage has been transferred to DigiBeta and is fully HD compatible. It contains unique coverage of early Heathrow and Idlewild (JFK) operations – a remarkable contrast to the airline and passenger activity of today. Most of the famous aircraft and airlines are featured including air to air of the DC3 (Dakota), DC7C, Super Constellation, Comet and VC10. Looked after with “TLC” by Index staff over the years the footage is in excellent condition. It should prove invaluable to film and TV producers striving to recreate period situations or to illustrate the dramatic expansion of global air travel.

New Index contemporary input includes coverage of Los Angeles, San Francisco and London - with particular reference to airport activity. New represented footage includes aerials of Mosques and rainforests.