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Clipcanvas: new stock footage service offers navigational search

15 July 2008

Clipcanvas, a new and independent stock footage marketplace, launched its service only two weeks ago at, following 20 months of development. ”We aim to become one of the most efficient independent providers of stock footage,” says Cato Salter, the company’s CEO.

”We have worked under the assumption that people are spending too much time on identifying the content they need, browsing through large numbers of pages containing stock footage. Applying our technology, we have tried to reduce the time it takes to identify one specific piece of footage.” In this respect, the company has taken a slightly different approach, offering navigational search for footage, instead of just offering keywordbased search utilities and consequent page browsing.

”We are offering both professional photographers and high-end archives an opportunity to offer their own content for sale on a royalty free basis through Clipcanvas, giving them full control of their content. This also applies to setting the appropriate price levels, something which we believe is highly important to our clients. In addition, they receive a competitive 60 percent proceed from sales.”

In terms of content offered, the company takes a broader approach. ”We work to become an efficient tool in any creative process involving video and footage, so offering a broad selection of high quality shots is essential. Our focus at the moment, is building the amount of footage content, and I am confident we shall see high growth in the next six months. Also, all the clips are available as downloadable watermarked SD-files, so you can try out the footage before you decide to make the purchase. We offer mainly high definition footage, and are seeing an increase in the number of clips that are shot on RED, so undeniably, these are important areas for us going forward.”

When it comes to pricing and delivery formats, the footage ranges from 50 EUR to 500 EUR per clip, and once a clip has been purchased, the platform delivers any format that is required ’on-the-fly’, giving more flexibility for the editing process. ”Our main delivery format for immediate download is ProResHQ, but we deliver most of the other relevant editing formats for immediate download as well, helping speed up the work of those that are using Final Cut, Avid or other established editing suites.”

Mr. Salter sees many challenges facing the industry, ranging from DRM, crediting and acknowledging artists, to correct pricing and technology applications. ”The stock footage industry is an established industry, experiencing change induced by the application of new technology and a growing number of new entrants. In addition, the market is growing rapidly, and use of stock footage is becoming more widespread. I believe the two most important factors for success in the time to come is leveraging technology successfully and being able to cooperate with others. Also, we shall probably see a growing focus on consolidation in the industry.”

You can visit the service at for more information.