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Moving Image Communications Newsletter - September 2006

1 September 2006

. Moving Image are launching their new website...
. and a new visual online database
. BBC Radio 4 celebrate TV-am


New website for Moving Image

The new and improved site is not only informative but also pleasing to the
eye. With its fresh new look making information easier, faster and clearer
to access.
Finding out about our library and the extensive collections we have has
never been so easy. Whether its celebrity interviews from TV-am or
historical footage from Filmfinders either way the new website has it all
and more set out in a neat and professional manner for easy viewing.

A large section of the site is dedicated to TV-am and Good Morning Britain
with many information, images and sample clips. You can access the TV-am
section directly from!

Click to visit the new Moving Image website!

... and new visual online database!

Improvements to the site don’t just stop there. The online database is
also receiving a pretty impressive makeover.
The system used is a powerful archive management tool which will make the
Moving Image archives simple and easy to manage online.

A beta version of Moving Image’s new online search engine, in its final
stage of testing, can be accessed from Moving Image's website. The final
version is expected to be released by the end of 2006.

This new search engine allows you to view not only clips but also complete
films. Once logged on to this database you will be able to search for any
footage you require and view entire films for free, simply by the click of
a mouse. Using RealPlayer, you can play the films from the beginning or
skip to any timecode.

As you can imagine, it is a work in progress, and Moving Image is
constantly adding more films in the database.

To save any searches you would like to view later, you can create your own
Library for your projects. When browsing the database, you can save either
sections or complete records in your folders.

At Moving Image we pride ourselves on constantly moving ahead with the
times and making our footage easily accessible and we hope you will find
our new database useful for your researches.
We would welcome your reactions to this new system.

We still want to talk to you about your projects, so do not hesitate to
keep in touch with us by phone, or by email. Our team is always available
to help!

Try the new Moving Image database now from!

BBC Radio 4 celebrate TV-am!

Sunday 17 September 2006 from 11:15 am to 12:00 (Radio 4 FM).
Repeat on Friday 22 September at 9:03.
Listen again on BBC website at

BBC Radio 4 website announced the programme as follows:
“TV-am was Britain's first ever commercial breakfast station, launched in
a fanfare of publicity and hosted by a stellar cast of presenters. Its
subsequent boardroom struggles were played out in the press and it was on
the verge of collapse. But by the time it lost its licence, TV-am was one
of the most successful companies of its kind. Key members of the launch
team are reunited to remember that turbulent period.”

Sue MacGregor’s guests told stories about how it really was then: TV-am
first chairman Peter Jay, shareholder Jonathan Aitken, TV-am press officer
Howell James, presenter Nick Owen and TV-am Editor in chief Greg Dyke, the
man credited with turning the station around.

When asked what they think that TV-am achieved for them, looking back 25

Nick Owen said “For me personnally, it changed my life really. (...) It
was terrifying at times, incredibly stimulating, you never knew what was
around the corner and I would say it was the most exciting time of my

Peter Jay added: “For me it was the most exciting three years , probably,
of my life and perhaps even more than being an ambassador. I am incredibly
proud of some of the things; we won a franchise against difficult
competition with seven others; we built a company from nothing; I found
and created a studio out of an old garage where I bought my first motorcar
and I was extremely proud of those studios. My personal involvement ended
up in melodrama as we've discussed but I look back on the whole thing with
enormous affection and pride. I was extremely proud of what we achieved in
that period”.
Greg Dyke concluded: “It was funny. I've never laughed so much in my life.
(...) What I discovered about myself is that I like crisis. I know some
people don't but I enjoyed it”.

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