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Pharos Delivers the Whole Media Management Picture at IBC

1 August 2006

The efficient flow of rich media files throughout a broadcast operation is vital when material is not available on tape during the process. Pharos has delivered several large projects since IBC 2005, all of which have increased efficiency and enabled electronic file-based operations. Pharos Mediator MAM was shown last year with its new enterprise Java architecture incorporating web browser user interfaces and content-centric workflow. Pharos Mediator is now in use with major broadcasters, delivering high levels of efficiency.

"IBC 2005 was the debut for Mediator Workflow and we won several large contracts as a result of the show," comments Pharos Commercial Director Roger Heath. "This year we are showing the whole picture, a theme for sharing our experience in delivering infrastructure systems. Pharos Mediator now covers everything from Ingest through Playout and Archive. As well as integrating various technologies, Pharos will be demonstrating its ability to deliver systems that affect operational working practice changes and management information reporting when working in client partnerships".

New for IBC 2006:

* Automated robotic ingest, a fast ingest process enabling existing broadcast libraries to be ingested and cataloged very quickly for archive and preservation. A content-presence confidence check to ensure successful digitising can be made from the desktop (in browse resolution) or on a broadcast monitor (in high resolution).

* Management of asset components, providing the ability to upload components to an asset, such as uploading audio to a video base track. Assets can be further enhanced, for example by the addition of audio files to add further languages.

* Mediator Virtual VTR. Editing systems can now layback directly to Mediator, allowing a file to be created without need to layback to tape and subsequent ingest.

* The Mediator library can be segregated to support multiple clients, providing security and privacy without needing separate databases.

* Automated processing control. Mediator automatically controls all transfers between servers and archives. Mediator now has the ability to manage media file transcoding and file re-wrapping, ensuring content is in the desired format for delivery to playout, outgest or archive. This includes the ability to ISO-tag audio files in multi-language environments.

* A reporting framework to allow specific management reports to be generated.

* Configuration administration - Pharos Mediator provides Broadcast IT managers with the ability to add users and control the way they work, add client libraries and modify workflow requirements.

Based in Reading, England, Pharos Communications ( is focused on software architecture for broadcast process management. Since its formation in 1997, the company has developed a wide range of systems for automating the flow of material through broadcast facilities including playout presentation, media asset management, archiving, and facility management.


Media contacts:

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