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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

3 July 2006

Moving Image Communications celebrates the Eighties, the most popular decade on the internet.

There is a boom on the internet for memorabilia websites and it seems that the Eighties are the most popular. People who grew up in the Eighties are now in their thirties, bought their homes, made their way in life and are reminiscing their childhood. The internet is an every day part of their lives, where they can access all sort of information to relive their teenage years.

Go back in time with us and browse through the collections that cover the Eighties...


TV-am - Good Morning Britain

The success of our TV-am pages at, shown in our web ranking position, clearly demonstrates how popular the Eighties are for fashion, culture, music and politics. Eighties enthusiasts love it.

Travel back into the Eighties with TV-am and look at some of the decade's favourites from leg warmers to BMX bikes...

The video clips page of the TV-am website, features all aspects of the programme and includes politicians, celebrities, music, bloopers etc...



The VisitBritain collection starts in the 1930s and continues to the present day. The 1980s reflect the promotion of the country abroad, with a focus on shopping, fashion, entertainment and tourism, both in London and in the countryside. From families fruit picking in Kent's lush green fields to disco dancing in Soho...


Channel X

Channel X produced many chat shows hosted by Jonathan Ross starting in 1987. Many international A-list celebrities were interviewed and also performed live in the studio.


Other collections

There are other collections, both in the UK and abroad, looking at how people lived and worked, including the National Trust.

Fashion roams free on the streets of London.
1984 Flying to a high street near you. Mohair winged jumpers.
1984 Lovely living in Milton Keynes.
1984 Lively living in Milton Keynes.
Computers helping holiday goers up, up and away!
1983 Money, money money must be sunny in the Bourse in Paris.
1983 The hustle and bustle of London transports.
1986 Booming Buses- Calcutta transport.

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