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Bullseye TV Productions does the Rights Thing

5 May 2006

Rights Tracker Ltd, the specialists in rights and sales management, has announced the latest additions to its client roster in the shape of UK independent producer/distributor, Bullseye Television.

Rights Tracker has also appointed former Getty Images Sales Manager Michael Robinson to the position of Commercial Director.

This latest deal sees Bullseye acquiring from Rights Tracker’s comprehensive management services range. Modules taken are: Programme Maintenance; Contract Processing; Reporting; Client Management; Screener Requesting; Client Feedback; Third Party Rights, and bespoke Rights Tracker developed “Clip Module” to commercially manage the extensive library of clips that Bullseye owns and acquires from broadcasters around the world.

Bullseye joins Wall To Wall , Cineflix, Parthenon, S4C, National Geographic International, Screentime Partners and Optomen as current users of the Rights Tracker suite.

Bo Stehmeier, Head of Distribution at Bullseye commented on the deal:’ Bullseye’s revenue upsurge in the newly emerging markets and platforms (especially VOD, PPV and broadband) made us realize how important it is to exploit these new far more intricate rights. We think Rights Tracker is a ‘god send’. It’s a fantastic sales tool in that it simplifies administration procedures as well as supports you in windowing and exploiting rights that might have previously fallen by the wayside. It will also be a massive help in targeting our marketing as well as providing detailed reports to our third party rights holders – all at the touch of a button!’

Ross Bentley MD at Rights Tracker commented: “We are delighted that Bullseye have joined Rights Tracker’s growing number of users. Bullseye’s progressive and dynamic team really does understand the importance of exploitation potential offered by new markets. Their focus on creative, flexible deal-making and responsible IP sales and rights management makes them an extremely attractive Industry player. We are particularly pleased to be providing Bullseye with clip rights management as part of the software suite. This functionality will appeal both to existing library owners and to the growing number of Producers/ Distributors who are realizing new revenue streams via clip sales to emerging platforms.”

Rights Tracker initiated development of its suite of products in 2003 when ex-ITEL and Granada International exec Ross Bentley identified a need in the market for a comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use system that would help maximize IP exploitation.

The Rights Tracker product has been developed independently of outside investment with the business growing organically and 100% within the ownership of the directors.

Editor’s Note:

The Rights Tracker suite of web based software solutions is currently available across three levels:

1. Rights Tracker: An entire Rights and Sales Management system. The emphasis is on Rights Tracker providing the gateway to increased sales by ensuring that properties are exploited to the maximum – unlike other products, Rights Tracker software has recognized the importance of the sales team as key users.

2. Rights Tracker CRM –a stand alone Client Management software solution that can be hooked into existing Rights Management software that lacks this functionality. Rights Tracker CRM manages contacts, screeners, feedback, client/ producer/ territory histories and any other linked reporting.

3. Rights Tracker Elements – a stand alone Materials Management software solution that, again, can link into existing Rights Management systems. The software handles Material Libraries, ordering, shipping, availability of materials on loan etc.


Rights Tracker Ltd provides a comprehensive suite of Rights and Sales Management solutions for broadcast content distributors and producers. The software, developed over the last two years, uses state of the art web-based component technology, and is scalable, robust, portable, and easy to use. Whilst standard Rights Tracker products cover most industry demands, the software’s unique architectural framework means that bespoke elements can be incorporated in order to meet individual client requirements.

Rights Tracker's modular architecture has been designed in conjunction with industry-standard web-based technologies. Users access the system via a standard web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), so the system is compatible with both Windows PCs and Apple Macs. The server component of the system is compatible with both Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases and has been developed using C# and the .NET framework - ensuring compatibility with future standards.

For further information on the Rights Tracker range of products and services visit:

Ross Bentley on +44 (0) 20 7724 1745

Editorial contact:
Cheryl Clarke on: +44 (0) 20 7403 5573
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