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ITN Archive Takes Up Ulster Television

19 May 2006

ITN Archive, the world’s leading broadcast footage source, has agreed a representation deal with UTV (Ulster Television).

The agreement will initially cover several thousand items which are already held within the ITN Archive in London.

UTV has been the main commercial broadcaster in Northern Ireland since 1959 and frequently cooperated with ITN’s news programmes to provide coverage of the province.

The footage charts the growing political unrest of the 1960s and the devastating effects and political consequences which followed.

It also covers many of the social and business aspects of life in Northern Ireland and footage continues to be added up to the present day.

Christopher O’Hearn, ITN Archive Commercial Director said:

“ITN Archive is already representing most of the former ITV regional broadcasters so linking with UTV was a natural step for both of us. They have a very important and comprehensive archive and we’re pleased to be able to open it up for clients.”

UTV has been broadening its operations over recent years in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

It’s planned that ITN Archive will also represent other news and programming from UTV in the future, when information can be included within the ITN Archive database.

Robert Lamrock, Senior Director at UTV said: “This agreement will enable UTV to give greater global access to our archive collection and through ITN Archive we hope that some of our unique material will make a significant contribution in future programming”.



Christopher O’Hearn
Commercial Director, ITN Archive
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