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AP Archive Opens for Business in New York

17 May 2006

AP Archive, the stock footage sales division of the Associated Press, has opened a new sales office in New York City. The office is to be located at AP’s headquarters in Manhattan.

AP Archive previously had a very limited operation in Washington DC and the move to New York signals its intent to substantially grow its North American business.

The New York office is open for business from today. It will be staffed by James Jordan, who previously headed up ITN Archive’s North American business, Julie Gambling, who has relocated from the London operation, while a third executive is about to be appointed. AP Archive is utilizing the company’s enormous satellite and fiber infrastructure to rapidly deliver footage to US clients. By using its own infrastructure, delivery costs to clients will be minimal and certainly far more competitive than prices charged by comparable archives, and often even cheaper than using an international shipping company.

Alwyn Lindsey, who heads up AP Archive said of the move: “North America is a vast market in which the Associated Press is a household name. Our previously limited presence in Washington meant that it wasn’t particularly quick and easy for US clients to access our footage. This all changes today – we now have a fully staffed office in a major media center and can provide cost effective and fast fulfillment to all of our North American clients”.

AP Archive

AP Television News is the international television division of the world's largest and oldest news agency, The Associated Press. Its London-based archive, AP Archive, contains nearly 500,000 news and entertainment reports dating back to 1896. It has become the definitive source of footage for major news events such as the Kosovo war, 9/11, the conflict in Iraq and the Asian Tsunami, as well as major entertainment stories.


For more information, contact:

Niall Campbell
Marketing Communications Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7482 7433

Alwyn Lindsey
Head of Video Archives
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7482 7419