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Wilderness Films Enters Deal as a Premium Partner of Google Video!

11 April 2006

Visual mapping of the Indian subcontinent : Wilderness Films enters into a content arrangement as a premium partner of Google Video!
Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest factual content aggregator from South Asia which currently owns 750, 000 digital and 35 mm stills, and over 3000 hours of broadcast factual and travel content, have only recently started exploring international distribution of their content.

"While content is our forte," commented Managing Director, Rupin Dang, "We are also the largest broadcast service house in India, with dozens of camera units and crews kitted out with the best gear to spread out across South Asia and create every kind of content.

One of these channels of distribution is the online video market. As the result of our unique contract with Google, for the first time ever, factual Indian content (along the lines of National Geographic or Discovery, but entirely Indian in origin and creation), is now available online, for an international audience, as part of an IPTV initiative by Wilderness Films India Ltd., a South Asian alternative to global factual programming channels. We are the only south Asian company that Google has contracted with to provide content for the Google Video store.

We are making a big push to become the largest aggregators, producers and distributors of online factual content in Asia. We are already acquiring the copyright to material owned by many small content libraries, commissioning a lot of fieldwork all across South Asia, and cooking plans to corner medical, travel, tourist and urban content for the internet. We're currently in the process of lining up a private equity investment for a major growth spurt.

To see our uploaded content, please visit (some 140 hours in total, out of our rapidly-growing archive of 3000 hours). Please go through all 50+ pages of uploaded clips, and notice the variety of subject matter. We are adding 14 hours of online material each week, and will continue this process for the rest of the year. One can download entire clips to one's computer, but do keep in mind that the lower resolution is explained by the fact that this is not intended for the broadcast market, but more for the educational and consumer markets... However, all material has been originally shot on high end formats such as High Definition or standard definition Digital Betacam, and can be sourced at these resolutions directly from us, for the broadcast market.

Just this week, our first full-length feature film We're No Monks also premiered on the site. Punch in "No Monks" to download the three parts of the film.

The content in our archive grows in extent and scope almost every single day, what with our 50 crew members and a majority of our 90 camera units roving in the field, every single day, all over South Asia!

Ours is an effort to showcase Indian content on an international platform, and thus create a new and different world view on India. The idea is to break from stereotypes and showcase south Asia to the world, in the form of a variety of experiences and situations. We provide hitherto unavailable visual material for use in a variety of arenas including geography, education, science, travel, corporate use, and numerous other applications. Some of this is rare footage from regions that have never been visited by westerners due to political or other restrictions...

Since ours is a challenging new media initiative, we can use all the encouragement we can get. Do spread the word! And also, do visit our newly setup website (soon to be a conservation and wildlife portal)

I look forward to hearing from you!"

Rupin Dang
Managing Director
Wilderness Films India Ltd.
1 Factory Road
Ring Road South
New Delhi 110 029

Office: +91 11 26198255, 26198954, 26163766